Knowledge Hub

The knowledge hub encompasses all the scrutinized knowledge amassed from experienced personalities through interactions with growing startups and case studies, that often yield resolutions to the ordinarily confronted hindrances. It aids the browser in procuring guidance and attaining supplementary consciousness. The knowledge hub comprises routinely updated blogs, videos, and case studies.

The knowledge hub has the key to every enigma.

Salient Benefits:

  • A virtual library for the enthusiasts out there.
  • Discovering relatable obstructions and recognizing the solution to them.
  • Exclusive interactions with startups to obtain a profound insight.

For adding your own content, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. User Logs In & Selects ‘Blogs, Case Study or Videos’.
  2. User Adds the Content.
  3. Our Team Reviews The Content.
  4. Once Approved, The Content Is Uploaded.

Startup Directory

The Venture Directory is an amalgamation of abundant startups from diversified industries. It consists of information such as the founding year and the fundamental philosophies of the company. The directory also involves the Startup’s portfolio, pitch deck, studies, and communication of their tenets. It facilitates the browser to achieve a well-defined portrayal of the company and its quintessential vision.

Venture Directory is the almanac of startups.

Salient Benefits:

  • Explore the up-and-coming startups.
  • Introduce yourself to the community.
  • Stand out in the masses with supplementary exposure.

For enhancing the visibility of your business, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. User Clicks On ‘Register Your Business’.
  2. Fills In The Necessary Information.
  3. Uploads The Required Documents.
  4. The Business Is Displayed On Our Portal.

Startup India Registration

From tax exemptions to incubation centers, registering your firm on the Startup India platform has its own set of advantages that can help you achieve new heights. We can simplify the process for you because we have a portfolio of various businesses registered on Startup India through our site.

For claiming Startup India Certificate and its benefits, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Get Information about the Business and List of the Required Documents.
  2. Provide Required Documents To Us.
  3. We'll Verify and Process the Documents.
  4. Upon Completion, We'll provide you with Credentials & help avail the benefits of Startup India.

Editorial & Public Relations

Do you have a company that you believe might benefit from more exposure? With the help of our team of specialists, we will write an article about your company and its USP and publish it across several platforms to guarantee that your company remains competitive and receives the attention it deserves.

For enhancing the visibility of your brand in the market, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Telephonic Interview.
  2. Editorial Writing & SM Posting.
  3. Editorial sent for approval to you.
  4. Updated Article Published on our website & other PR Platforms. Links Sent to you.

Graphream Internship Programme

Internships are a surefire way to gain real-world and practical corporate experience.With the correct internship, a student can greatly expand his exposure while also adding a vital addition to their résumé.

We work with prominent startups to provide students with the most appealing internship opportunities.

If You'd Like to build your own business from scratch, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Students Register On Our Portal.
  2. They Upload Their Resumes.
  3. Students Apply For Internship Opportunities.
  4. The Hiring Process Is Carried Forward. If Selected, The Students Starts Their Internship.