Graphream thanks you for being a part of its services.

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with a purchase or you have other reasons to opt-out of our services, we request you to first review our Payment, Refund and Reimbursement Policy.

Interpretation and Definitions


The words which are in capitals show the company’s established words, procedures, protocols, and meanings, and their meaning do not change. The words which are in noncapital also carry the same meaning within the given context. The interpretation of the singular or plural both has the same meaning in context with the sentence of words.


  • “Us”, “Our”, “We”, “Company”, “Website” and “Portal” all refer to Graphream.
  • “User” means the person or the company that uses the services provided by Graphream
  • “Subscriber” refers to the individual or a company who subscribes for company’s membership and/or services
  • Refund means the amount of money to be given back to the users
  • Processing Fees refers to the service charge taken by Graphream and/or third-parties for providing its/their service
  • Joining Fees refers to the Joining fees taken for Events (For further details, read Privacy Policy)
  • Login Account refers to the user's login account.
  • Request to Refund Form refers to the form which the user has to submit to get the refund
  • Event Organizer is the person or the company that organizes the event on the portal
  • Notice Period is the period during which the event organizer will give notice to the Subscribers
  • Event Timing is the duration of the event that takes place
  • Services refer to facilities and opportunities provided by the Portal
  • Claim or Refund Claim refers to the request of the users to refund their money.
  • Host refers to the person or business or organization that conducts Event on the portal.
  • Courses are study related services offered by Graphream
  • Subscription is the payment you make for choosing our regular services
  • Overpayment refers to the payment made more than expected
  • Underpayment refers to the payment made less than expected
  • Subscription Fees refer to the amount of money charged for users for opting for our services for specified period of time.
  • Subscription Period is the time you are permitted to use services from the day you subscribe

Subscription and Fees Cancellation Rights

Graphream provides various services online and may provide offline services which you can opt for and pay a small amount of fees in exchange for using these services. Graphream provides services such as Events, Seminars, and Webinars for which the “Agreements” like “Privacy Policy”, “Terms and Conditions” and, “Payment, Refund, and Reimbursement Policy” will be considered.

You can subscribe to us for 1 year and once the chosen period ends, you will be informed via email about re-using our services or cancel your Subscription. You can simply cancel your subscription at any time.

To exercise your right of cancellation, you must inform Company of your decision using a clear statement: “Cancel my Subscription”

User is entitled to cancel their subscription for the opted service(s) within the below specified time without any reason. If you fail to submit your application for a refund within the specified time, then you will not be entitled to claim for refund.

  1. Subscription Fees: There is no specific time to cancel your Subscription with us but once you have made the payment, you will not get the refund back but you will be able to use our services for the remaining Subscription Period.
  2. Event Joining Fees: After the Host registers and organizes an online or offline Event, Webinar or Seminar, you can cancel 1(one) hour before the time of the event. Once you cancel joining the event, we will refund you the full amount of your payment (See Reimbursement and Detail and Period). If you fail to submit your cancellation request in time, you will not be refunded.
  3. Courses Fees: Courses offered by us may be in form of videos, blogs, or a downloadable file. Once you make payment for our course, you can access all the material of our course and you can use it following our Agreements. You will not be refunded for Courses as they are non-refundable.

Reimbursement Details and Period

Graphream will reimburse you within the period of 10 working days from your request for a refund. The mode of refund will be the same as the user used to pay to Graphream. At that time, the transaction or processing fees will not be charged from the users. The users must ensure the below points before requesting a refund:

  1. The request must be made within the given time from the payment otherwise the request will not be considered.
  2. The services opted for should be properly mentioned in the request

Complaint and Feedback

If the user is not satisfied with the services or has the suggestion or improve about the services, he/she should first let the company know so the team can improve upon the services. But while making a Complaint or giving Suggestion or Feedback, the user must pay strict attention to the language and the words used in the sentence.

By letting the company know at the time the user faced inconvenience or any other type of dissatisfaction, the team can pay attention and then resolve the problem or difficulties the users faced. The feedback should be mentioned in given format available in “Contact Us” section.

Request Review and Reimbursement

Once you request for refund or cancellation, our team will review your request and the reason for your cancellation of subscription or request for refund.

The team will review the time of your request, description of your request, the reason for refund or cancellation, then with your permission the team will contact you via email or phone to know the reason if not specified correctly in the required detail and then finally resolve your request.

The reimbursement will take place within 10 days; it can be early or late depending upon various factors but the payment will be made to you if applicable.

Processing Fees

When you subscribe to any of our services, we charge a fixed amount including our Processing Fees and other charges for certain services.

For other services for which the third-party transaction for payment facility is used, you will be charged the Processing Fees as per the third-parties policies and our company policies wherever applicable.

If you opt for those services in which any third-party is charging money from you on our portal via our services, you will get full amount refunded after deducting the amount charged by the third-party and our portal.

Overpayment or Underpayment

We do not assume any misinterpretation by your side about the payment value but if it happens, you will let us know immediately.

In case of Overpayment, the excess money you paid to us will be reflected in your wallet with “+” (Plus) sign. So you can use it with other services or the same service offered by Graphream.

In case of Underpayment, the remaining money you paid to us will be reflected in your wallet with “-” (Minus) sign. So you can add the remaining amount to start your service.

If you made Overpayment or Underpayment by mistake or other reasons then you have to contact us and explain via email or report to us in our website’s “Contact Us” section.

After reviewing your application, we will proceed with the application for the refund if applicable.

Account Termination or Cancellation

For any reason if you wish to close your account after a certain period of using our services, you will not be reimbursed. Instead or cancelling your subscription entirely, you can choose to use our services till the usage period is over.

If you are terminated by the company, you must understand that you may have violated the terms and conditions or policy of our company. So you will not get refund at that time as well.

Contact Us

You can inform us about your decision or if you have any questions about our Payment, Refund, and Reimbursement Policy, please contact us:

Our email: info@graphream.com Our Website: Graphream / Contact Us