Recasting The Sanitary Pad Industry: Evolve Essential

Recasting The Sanitary Pad Industry: Evolve Essential

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India is a place of taboos, which stifle our growth in several sectors and put individuals in unpleasant situations regularly. Menstruation is one such event; people often avoid discussing it and also fail to educate themselves and their children about the dangers of poor hygiene. Women frequently have a limited selection of sanitary pads, owing to the fact that corporations rarely create or produce items based on women's suggestions. To address this problem, two brothers from Surat, Gujarat, have taken the effort to seek women's input and design products that are most useful and specifically crafted for them.

Evolve Essential was formed by Samarth and Siddharth Raval in the year 2020, and they have been creating rash-free, toxic-free, ultra-thin, and eco-safe sanitary pads ever then. The journey began when they noticed a pattern among their female friends and relatives that plastic pads were creating rashes and were non-biodegradable. After doing more investigation, they discovered that the Indian market only featured plastic pads, leaving women with few options. As they were under lockdown due to Covid-19 at the time, they decided to use the time to undertake extensive research and discovered an opportunity to make sanitary pads made of acrobat premium cotton that would provide a rash-free experience while also being environmentally friendly.

The SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) is the main component of their pads, The saps used in Evolve Essential's pads are imported from Japan. Unlike conventional pads, which have three layers, Evolve Essential pads have seven layers. The final layer, which is made of plastic, is imported from Japan to assure that it is eco-safe. The extra layers allow the pads to absorb up to 120-130ml of liquid, versus 80-90ml for regular pads. They chose to fund the firm themselves and obtain funds from their families. They began by handing out free samples and promoting at flea markets and gatherings. They also worked with influencers to reach out to the young target audience.

According to them, the user experience is what sets Evolve Essential's pads apart from the competition, as the pads are composed of acrobat premium cotton and provide a fully rash-free experience. Apart from that, unlike a plastic pad which takes approximately 600 years to completely degrade, 80% of Evolve Essential’s pad degrades in 600 days, while the sap takes another 3-4 years. Besides that, the packaging is entirely eco-safe. Conventional pads are also only available in the same size as XL (320mm) or L (280mm). Evolve Essential offers users the option to customize the pads according to their flow. Evolve Essential's packaging also includes individual sachets of pads to keep them clean, dust-free, and convenient to carry for women. 

They claimed to receive tremendous support from individuals of all ages and never faced any unwelcome judgments. Although the most difficult element was persuading ladies to abandon a product they had been using for years or decades, persistence was the key to this difficulty. As they near the end of their first year in business, they aim to offer several more products. He claims that learning is a never-ending process, and that Evolve Essential will continue to evolve.