An All-Natural Approach to Holistic Wellbeing: The Earth Reserve

An All-Natural Approach to Holistic Wellbeing: The Earth Reserve

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Thresi and George Ramapuram, siblings brought up in the rolling hillsides of Coorg, beat all difficulties to create the beginning of their Premium Collection of Homemade and Handmade Products, The Earth Reserve. Along with support from other family members like Nidhi Ramapuram and Thomas C. Ramapuram, the family went on to extend their product line to green skincare and organic and natural foods. Their skincare products contain no chemical foaming agents, and their jams and spreads are produced with fresh, hand-picked fruits, and spices that are of the finest quality. 

The Earth Reserve's story began around 5 years ago when George was unwell for a long time and had to undergo surgery for stomach complications. The family tried all they could to find natural, safe-to-eat food for George, but everything they found was chemical-laden and loaded with preservatives. As a consequence of their grandmother bringing in handmade jams and delicacies, the siblings saw a potential to manufacture high-quality pickles, spices, and jams that had a homemade feel to them.

As the siblings believe in holistic wellness, which includes environmental well-being, they package their products in glass bottles. This introduced a new set of issues, such as logistics and bottle handling, which have been efficiently handled lately. Although the use of plastic packaging is unavoidable in some cases, The Earth Reserve assures that it is done in a minimal amount and with a greater level of biodegradability. In a market flooded with chemical-laden items, The Earth Reserve has managed to stand out and carve out a niche for itself, which they attribute to consumers' growing awareness. People have gotten more informed and educated about the dangers of preservatives, artificial colors, and synthetic add-ons as time have passed. 

The pandemic and the lockdown presented a difficulty for the firm; because the country was under lockdown, offline outlets were shuttered, severely limiting the company's sales; to deal with the situation, they resorted to internet sales and increased their online presence. As a result, they were able to effectively address their company's biggest challenge. 

Despite fierce competition in the industry, The Earth Reserve has managed to stand out by altering its packaging and distinguishing itself from the competitors. They use glass bottles, and instead of using bubble wrap to cover the bottles, they use bamboo and jute thread to ensure that their products are fully environmentally friendly. As bamboo increases the weight of the package, they've started using shredded paper to pack their products. 

The secret ingredient to being a successful entrepreneur, according to the Earth Reserve's founders, is 'Passion.' Be passionate about your business, what you do, and where you want to go. Another lesson is to never compromise on your products, regardless of the challenges you meet along the way; your firm and its values are defined by your products. The golden rule of business is to 'Sell Your Customers Products That You Would Use Yourself.'